​ ​​​​​​Fresh Start Life Solutions

Our therapists at Fresh Start Life Solutions create groups to fit your child’s needs as a way to implement behavioral and social techniques in a small group setting. These groups are comprised of anywhere between 2 and 5 children/adolescents that have similar needs and are working towards the same goal(s). Group participation is typically done in conjunction with individual/family therapy, but can be done independently as well. 

Participating in groups allows our clients to:

  • Become more responsible for behaviors and develop more successful strategies.
  • Develop new and creative solutions to problems.
  • Develop respect and acceptance of self and others.
  • Learn to experience and express emotion.
  • Cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Learn new social skills and relational skills with family.
  • Develop self-efficacy and thus a better assuredness about their abilities.

Group Therapy