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Often times we find ourselves desperate to end our children's tireless tantrums, or maybe it's even ourselves or someone else we'd like to stop from engaging in an undesirable pattern of behavior. However, no matter how hard we try to correct it on our own it only becomes more and more engrained and exasperating.  We then may search outside ourselves, but in our attempt to collaborate with our partner or follow advice, we only find contradiction, and then the confusion frustrates us further in the quest to do what's right for for everyone involved. We are faced with anxiety provoking questions like: do I use ABA or Play therapy? CBT or DBT? Behavior Modification or Positive Reinforcement?  Operant Conditioning or Classical Conditioning? Do I need testing, and if so which assessment? Should I hire a Psy.D., a MFT, a CSW, a MHC, a BCBA, should they be a coach, have a Masters degree or a Doctorate? What does it all mean &  Who can I trust?!? The reality is there are many terms that can mean the same thing to different professionals or the same term may be used differently between those same professionals.

At Fresh Start Life Solutions we can help you  make sense of the seeming chaos, and  navigate directly towards the clarity you need in order to find  the answer that's right for you. We believe each individual is unique and their family etc. makes up its own dynamic system. Therefore,  it is integral to take a global view of the situation  including both emotional and behavioral health to accomplish long-term behavioral success in context. Together with each client we create an individualized integrative approach to achieve personal behavioral goals. Through this collaborative effort we embrace who each client truly is, and what they really want, to ensure that we incorporate the right combination of efficacy based therapies that will work best towards their own happiest, and healthiest future possible.

Behavioral Therapy